Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bamboo Princess

I watched the animated movie, The Tale of Princess Kaguya and was mesmerized by her character. The story is about a princess born inside of a bamboo shoot, the bamboo cutter discovers this gift from heaven and takes her home to his wife. Together, they raise the young child and all sorts of lovely events happen that make you fall in love with the character.

The movie itself was fabulous. Then the extra cd included, explaining how the director and producer struggled with making it perfect - made the movie even more intriguing. 

The process of making an animation that last a few minutes takes hours upon hours at the computer. Drawing the movement by hand is a laborious undertaking. I am in love with the entire process, the drawing of it, the creating the story boards, the editing of music…ALL of this movie truly demands much from each artist.

I want you to rent the movie, take the time to watch the process of the directors thoughts. Then get back to me on what you thought. It is pure magic to watch something so throughly thought out.

Oh, there is a great soaring scene…wooohoooooo!!
And dragons…oh my!

It is pure magic! Enjoy!

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