Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Weeks...White Out

I have decided to go into a space of pure white. The sort of white that is so bright it is similar to snow blindness. Everything is reflecting light upon white light.

The is a room with a white chair, I am all white, the walls are more like windows or movie screens waiting for me to see the scene I need to see.

I usually see images all the time. My mind runs a few days ahead of me. And these scenes play out. Things that I might do at school , people I might run into. The energy was on over load, all the circuits of electric light maxed out to the point of blinding the view.

It came to a white out, a snow avalanche of energy rolling down the surface of my mind.

To this, to the quiet space of nothing and everything. 

To the point of not wanting to look down the path to see…but just to sit in the space of white fire resting in a snow bank.

The hot and cold, the extremes, the not knowing and really not even caring…I will melt into that snow bank of liquid white light…and run back to the ocean. Where I always go…back to the see the nothing…of me.

I am waiting for the energy to settle. I usually am not one to wait. Something strange is afoot…and we shall rest..and trust in that white light


  1. Take care of yourself... Sending Reiki...hugs

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  3. Rest there it's a good place for now! Let the energy calm, I know sometimes I have to be still to feel myself, I hate that bc I am so dang wiggly... Lol (hugs)