Thursday, October 29, 2015

Woman Howl at the moon!

Red moon and sails. Judith Parsons 2015
Halloween Moon San Francisco
Photograph by Judith Parsons 2015

Please watch this music video:

Joy William's
Title: Woman

The woman is beautiful in the video. She is elegant as she becomes the starlight, she is elegant with her hair draped over her shoulder, she is magnificent as she dances with her back toward the viewer.
She becomes fire, she is the universe wrapped in skin. The video is lovely the way the layers of  night sky fade and overlap over the woman.

There is a point where the music crescendoes and her passion is palatable..then she breaks open with light cracking through her skin…Oh my-hand over  heart.

She reaches her hand out, singing the word  “woman”…

WhewWeee..She is exquisite.

Keep howling at the moon!


  1. Exquisite, lovely performance! Your words further illuminated her soul! She is vividly dancing and singing through my mind and is conjuring some passion in me as I awaken from nights sleep.. Art goddess is on the rise! Wooohooo! Fabulous!