Saturday, October 31, 2015

Daydreaming clouds

Boyhood…Movie Review…but not exactly.

The movie starts out with a precious day dreamer little boy staring at the clouds. If you are an older person reading this—someone who was not raised upon the iphone and iPads…then YOU remember laying back and staring up at the clouds floating by. 

I am happy to say my children and I spent many hours sky gazing upward at the heavens. I imagine it might be one of the reasons why my son is studying aerospace engineering.
(Well, being a mom, I’d like to think I did something right to help him decide to study that magnificent field.)

The movie follows the boy and his family, the boy’s father is a part-time dad, only showing up every other weekend. The dad is more grounded as a part-time dad than any of the other step fathers. Alcohol seems to be the achilles heel that does the relationships in for the step dads. Mason, his mom and sister move a lot in the movie. They are nomads, trying to find their way in this very changeable time.

I too am a nomad. When I saw the movie the similarities were not lost on me. The Toyota truck that the boy drove looked remarkably like the one my son drove. The boy even reminded me of my son when he first attended college, his tall lanky willowy body.

At the end, the best line is: “Everybody talks about seizing the moment, when it isn’t that at all. It is about the moment seizing you.” Mason, agrees nodding and says it is about the power of now. 

(smiling sighing) My son, daughter and I are all in college. They are working on their undergraduate degrees and I am working on my masters. I think at Christmas we will talk about the future and what they expect, and how important family is. I am planning to go to a local park and spread out a blanket and gaze up at the clouds with them…(grinning)

Who knows what the future holds? I don’t have a clue anymore…I just know I am going to let the moments seize me, I am going to let the moments fling me upward into the heavens... so for THAT particular space and time…I am soaring!

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