Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 13 Powerful Artist

Original art by Judith Parsons
Original art by Judith Parsons
Yesterday was amazing! The artist were all at school creating art and talking about relationships and sex. Different folks from different countries were giving their perspective on the subject and it was m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s!

I miss talking to other artist about art. We all agreed that being an artist is lonely. No one can partner with you as you create your art. It is a journey that is a kin to the sport of fencing. It is only you with mask on and foil in hand. No one can fight your battle for you. And no one can sculpt your art for you.

Art might not be as much of a struggle as fencing. Yes, I have played at the sport of fencing. Only long enough to admire the hell out of folks that have done it. However, there is much to be said for those lone athletes. And there is MUCH to be said for the lone artist. All artist are painting with their brush, or carving with their chisel or sculpting with their clay. Their tools are their companions. 

(laughing) As I typed “lone artist” the “lone ranger” series jumped into my head. Okay. I suppose its going to be a blog that makes no sense. Sorry, in my head we let the spirit move us.

The horse is rearing up upon its high legs and the program begins. What a powerful animal, the horse. It makes sense to have horse power and engines all connected with that first mode of transportation. It takes much power to face the studio, when one knows they will be alone all day. Sculpting quietly, forming and reshaping the form. It is a choice, everything in life comes back to that choice. 

We talked about "NEEDING" to get the art out of us.There is a shape that haunts us, there is this "thing" has has to be born. We are born through someone, and we die alone. We even talked about that. Traka (waving) was okay with the idea of passing alone. I thought it would be nice to have someone help carry me across, though in the end I conceded, we do all die alone. And most of the time we sculpt alone.

However, today was not like that. It was glorious, to be with Allison, Traka, Roy, Micheal, Max and Eric. We laughed and agreed and even agreed to disagree on how we make art and live. I was asked to a party and life is looking up.

May you find your tribe of friends, may you discuss your profession and find common treads to weave into one another.
The artist life is amazing!

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