Sunday, October 18, 2015 will do you good.

Original sculpture and graphic image created by Judith Parsons
“A Change Will Do you Good.”

When things don’t work, when we get sick and tired of being sick and tired…We make changes. 

One has to make changes.

You just do.

The past 10 days have been interesting, as I have not been dulling my days with wine. I have been straight up, no additives. 

This change is doing me good.

Anita (waving) and I have talked about our comforts, what we go to and why we go to them. The truth is I was reaching for the glass of wine way too much. I suppose this is part of the process, to write it out. To blurt and ramble all the words about this all…it is my process for CHANGE. Sorry, that it upsets you, you see it as airing my dirty laundry. I suppose, if you see it that way...then that is your perspective upon it.
I just need to write it out...the drunk puppy wolf words need to be released. They need to run back into the wild forest where I first found them. I can relax now that I hear them howling at the in the distance.

I would love to blame all of this on the alignment of the stars. These changes. These desires to be more than I am. 

I have a secret person in my head, I can see “Her”…the better me, the me that has a certain artsy style, I am becoming her. I am rebranding myself into a “NEW” me.

The sculpture you see is a wonderful representation of change. There is a woman torso, with her front and back separate. She has steps leading up to her, and then another separate group of steps that attach to the main sculpture. 

I shake my head at the stairs, those dog-gone stairs. What in the world is up with them? They will NOT leave me, (sighing) and I have 60 steps to climb to arrive at my little room...Maybe it is all a huge connect and we really NEED to be very careful what we wish for...what we want to be.

The sculpture: She is separating and regrouping, she is finding herself. I have no idea what the future holds, honestly, I am contemplating falling off the world and becoming a full time mermaid. Perhaps turning blue and swimming off into the night, where the night sky and the night water is the same. There is no horizon at night. Just water that is heaven upon earth.

It is okay to shut it all down, let the energy settle and CHANGE…it will do you good.

You and I both know…it will do you good.

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