Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 15...3 weeks...BAR code

Original one of a kind art. Created by Judith Parsons
It has been 3 weeks since I have stopped drinking. The event that was the catalyst for such change stays with me.

The event, as wrong as it was — gave me back to myself. It made me very aware of how cavalier we are with our time.

For the past 3 weeks the energy has been settling. Admittedly, there is a void left where that time spent was being used. I have been filling my time with art. I have been creating sculptures and drawing in illustrator. I have been focusing on me. 

The drawing you see took 6 hours in illustrator. Mainly because I do not have a stylish pad with high tech pen to draw with…I was using a simple lap top and drawing with my finger tip against that small square we all have on our laptop. (laughing) It WAS a challenge.

The art is suppose to convey the past and present…
I will break down the meaning… Title: The Bar code for artist.

The bar can be 2 things. The “bar” is something we raise - as we desire from ourselves the best we can be. We desire more than regular work, we do not accept the mundane mess that others produce.

The bar can also be a place we go for libations. A place we go when we have finally completed a huge project and want to get away from our computer and celebrate with friends.

The “code” part of the title is something I could ramble on about for hours. As an artist there is a code, as an artist in San Francisco..the code is multi-faceted as the city somehow demands more from us, than our old hometown. There is a “look” about the artist in SF. There is a code of style and fashion that make us, as artist rise higher and look better than the average Joe.

The code, the secret to being an artist is of course, just “doing it”…creating. However, the deeper into the art one goes, the more one creates, the more introverted we become. The clay and metal art pieces start becoming our family. The sketches we tack upon the wall start talking to us. The lines blur between reality and creations. The paintings we spend millions of hours working on seem to slip between the veil of here…the code is broken when we realize time and space is an illusion.

The bar code…the two words together represent the scanning. Everything has a bar code, every one of us is in a system with a social security code. We are connected to the numbers. The numbers speak louder than the words…the numbers are universal. We all speak numbers.

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Have a blessed day!

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