Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 14 Dragon Power

Sculpture created and photographed--then rotated
 to created image of dragon chasing his tail.
By Judith Parsons
Facebook is giving us glimpses of our past memories.

There was a great note that my daughter wrote. We had a girlfriend full moon gathering and I asked Terry and Mychal over, and she asked her girl friends over. We suspended a glass and ceramic sculpture from the woody branches. Each of us chose 3 colors  of embroidery string we liked and we tied them to the sculpture. We shared a lovely experience.

The art has since long gone -- I do not know where. Houses have been moved, storage spaces have been cleared out and what is left are memories.

There was another note from 2011 that was filled with anger. I wrote the words so intensely, with so much fire, I can hardly believe I wrote them. We forget the negative, it eventually fades and only the good parts remain.

As Facebook reveals my past, I see patterns of myself. This time of year seems to throw me into a tail spin. I love summer, I love warmth and being beside the ocean. The approaching fall and colder months makes me want to hibernate. I tend to devour myself. This little piece of art is most appropriate as I took the dragon art and rotated it around upon itself. 

The photo graphic was created with a dragon sculpture. Edda and Larry, (waving) You have been such great patrons of my art, thank you for your constant support. I will post it Monday.

  Day 14. No drink, no fire water, no need for extra additives. I am just trying to own my shite. As someone pointed out, do not become a martyr. I went and looked up the word, because we all know the people who kill themselves for political issues. However, I was curious, I needed to be reminded. 
According to Webster’s definition:  Martyr- “a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle.”

Hmmmmmm… I am going to have to get back to you on this one…
That is a whole other blog wanting to be born.

Back to the dragon, the Book of Kells has dragons woven in and around the edges of the pages. The dragon motif is here, in San Francisco. The Qing dynasty used the dragon as its symbol for power. The dragon is believed to be the ruled of water and weather. 

Being a water person I love the dragon and I love powerful strong people. May you grow stronger and harness your power. May we learn to use our strength and become the dragons of our own quest.

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