Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 6 Opposites Attract

Original Art Created by Judith Parsons 2015

Opposites Attract.

There is a chemistry 
when two first meet, 
a seeking out of what 
the other has, that you 
might not possess. 
The infatuation is powerful 
and compelling in the early stages. 
This other opposite person is intriguing 
as you are not wired like that. 

According to Psychology Todays Website:

"Great relationships thrive on passion, particularly passionate lovemaking, and in trying too hard to avoid risk or novelty, we may inadvertently cool down the sexual heat by transforming our perception of our partner from a lover to a parent or a child.

A commitment to continual harmony and peacefulness can be as threatening to the integrity of a successful relationship as an excessive amount of risk, discord or disharmony. Creating this balance involves the ability to hold the tension of the opposites, without going too far over to one side or the other, which by the way is unavoidable. Fortunately when the inevitable occurs, as it occasionally does, it is possible to put in course corrections that can re-stabilize things. 

Sometimes we have to risk going too far in order to find out how far we can go. And, there is no fixed or correct point at which we can find some permanent balance. This is a dynamic process and the balance point between the two poles of security and adventure is constantly in flux, and influenced by the inner and outer realities of each partner and the needs of the relationship itself at any given moment."

May you find passion, harmony and peacefulness...ALL in one love!

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