Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 7 mask.

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015

does not 
wear a mask.

With halloween upon us, and people looking at costumes they might wear. It is a good time to talk about deciding to wear and not to wear masks.

When we wear masks, the little white lies come out. We are trying not to hurt people in our lives. We fudge and nudge a little this way and that. The words might be sugar coated just a wee bit more than they need to be.

However, when one decides to come from the place of reverence. When you slide your arms into the robe of divinity. 

It is simply you.

When you go to the God place, you are standing there, alone. The spotlight of light shines magnificently down upon you—and it is here —that all is pure.

All is real.

Outside the serene door is the artificial sweeteners and the high-fructose cancer causing elements. Leave the sugar coated lies outside please. Leave the mask behind. Sure there will be a time, a place and party for you to don your fake self…but for now…

Come into a place where you can breathe a breath of light that goes deep, a safe place that wraps you in the warm blanket of cuddly snuggly love. I will bring you a warm beverage to sip while you rest and rejuvenate. Here, a place that is tranquil and calm.

We are all learning love. I don’t have the answers, I know I want the same thing you want.  You don’t want to settle…I don’t want to settle. We all want more. Though, are we ready to do more? Are we ready to be more? 

As you rest in this place divine place, as you breathe and rest. KNOW, I am doing the same thing. I am gathering energy as you are, reconnecting to my grounded light which flows through us all.

We are all connected.

I love you!

Jude, J, Judith, JJ…I will respond to just about anything…just don’t call me late for dinner.
(Day 7 with no drink)

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