Friday, October 30, 2015

Clay and bagpipes!

I did not take these photos, and I am not sure who took the
 photos. So forgive me for not crediting them.

Todays blog brought to you with the help of Alex and Eric. These two gentlemen were my private art students in Louisiana. I was fortunate to meet their mom at a woman’s luncheon and the rest was history.

It has been a while since I have seen these boy and their mom. The boys were learning to play the bag pipes when I knew them a few years back. 

They could dream up anything and make it in clay. I tried very hard not to lay down any fast and hard rules. As the pieces would magically work. We all learn from our mistakes and they were very positive with their art. 

One of the first art sculptures we made was a huge wire alligator. We spent a few sessions braiding that wire alligator. They used card board as the frame to wrap the wire around and after it was complete they burnt the cardboard out. The sculpture hangs in their kitchen and really is a magnificent  six foot piece of art!

Alex is going to college, and Eric has a few years to go and he too will be out of his nest. They have always soared and will continue to soar as they take on new adventures. It excites me to see them spread their wings as they head off into the wild wonderful world of academics. 

Cynthia, (waving) mentioned she has been having operations on her eyes. Her sight has been affected. I gulped when I read those words. It is a scary thought, not being able to see. We take it for granted, okay, I certainly take the ability to see for granted. Right now as the orange golden light reflects off the office buildings across the block from me, I marvel at the intricate shadows and angles of light. The geometric repetitions of windows are animated with the evening sunset playing across their surface.

It is in the “seeing” that the artist interprets and reflects back to the viewer their magical perspective on life. Cynthia has reminded me to slow down and really take in —with eyes wide open -- the beauty of life. Thank you Cynthia. (hugging you tight)

I am looking out my window and there is a black and white cat who is sitting on the top edge of a building. At first I thought it was a statue, but then it turned its head so the sunlight reflected off  its eyes. The pupils reflected yellow from hundreds of yards away.

On the eve of Halloween, I wish for you all the seeing that you can take in. I wish for you young people in your life that grow magnificently into strong souls, in body, mind and spirit. 

Alex, send me your address: My email: I will get something in the mail to you! I am proud of you! Let me know where you intend to go to college!

Eric, keep up the art! I want to see some photos of your work!

Cynthia- I am praying the eyes are healing and you are on the road to recovery!

(Group hug!) Woooohoooooo!!! What an amazing family!! Love you all!!!


  1. First off, I love bagpipes (smiling) I also love clay sculptures. I love to hear that children have grown and are succeeding, many aren't as fortunate for one reason or another! Sending prayers for your students Mom! Hugs for all! Great blog!

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  3. Sending Reiki to Cynthia. I remember the fun you had teaching the boys . The way their sculptures defied all rules of what should work and your wisdom in letting them create freely. So glad that you have heard from Cynthia again... hugs