Sunday, October 4, 2015

Net Tribe of Love

We are all more connected than we know! I love Facebook and this social platform of connectivity! 

I have artist friends all over the world! I have a friend who does a painting gathering club, (waving at Molly) and sculptresses and poet friends. I know professors who carve in marble and create in steel.

We all just do our own thing. We write, doodle, paint and ramble on. All of us just doing what we love to do.

My dad was a weekend artist. He made sculptures of sailboat and marshes and even wove nets. 

The inter-net connects us all…we are crossing borders and weaving our light into one another. This new net is comforting…The tribe net…we have woven under us all. 

Have a blessed day sweet loves… (If you are watching your sports and screaming at the tv-coz you know they can hear you…May your team win. They will…)


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