Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 12 - Three steps to Energy Harvest

I am sharing with you my process for art, for life. THIS is a big reveal. Art for me is how I see the world (word) . (Please see the previous blog about the L being taken from the word “world”).

A marvelous facebook friend posted this incredible orange photo. The image of the beach chairs, the umbrella and wet sandy shore are WHO I am. I have been there a millions times. I have sketched it, painted it and dreamed about it—my whole life. That scene is perfected paradise to me. I believe my panacea it THAT place. 

The words above the orange beach image are by David Whyte; 
“A real conversation always contains an invitation
You are inviting another person
to reveal herself or himself to you,
to tell you who they are or what they want.”

A glorious idea…a lovely place to sit. 

Perhaps it is time to sit with yourself.

Strip away all the messy static, sit with your feet in the warm sand of your minds eye and take in your highest self.

Be honest. And as Anita (waving) would say: “Be gentle with yourself.” However, NOW is the time to harvest your soul.

You reap what you sow.

What you put into something, you get out.  The fall harvest has happened, and the bounty is in front of you. Evaluate your hard work, have you what you desired? Did you work hard enough? Did you work smart enough? Did you do what you set out to do?

I will leave all those questions written in the wet sand. It is okay that the tides will sweep them away. Really. They need not be answered. You already know if you put your heart into something. You know.

The  3 images you see is how I interpret the process of  life. We begin with a pretty image. It is serene and tranquil. Then I play with it- distort and warp it in photoshop. (Step 2) I ingest, digest and transform images and experiences all the time. Then I try my best to break them down into words and understand them. In step 3, I took the woman shape of step 2 and rotated her around into a perfect flower.

I am that beach scene, I am that warped fiery woman, and I am that flower. We are all transforming energy, taking it in as best as we can and becoming better for it.

Reveal yourself…Your truest self to yourself. Sit with him/her…evaluate where you are, what and who you are to yourself. If anything is holding you back, set them aside… tell them you need time to change…Then make it so.

(Day 12 ...No drink...Becoming my best self)

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