Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day One...Quest

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015

We all have our “go to” comforts. Some are alcohol, some are drugs and some are food.
I have recently been given a huge gulp of reality. There is nothing like the topic of mortality to awaken one. Only when we are reminded of how precious life is—-do we really sit up and take notice.

So. Today I start on a new quest. 

I do not want to preach, geeeeeezzzzz no one wants to be preached at. 

Today I walk along my own pilgrimage—to find my truest self. Without additives. And since we all know that what we think, what we give power to is what we manifest into our lives...

I will see my highest, most enlightened self walking and smiling beside me. She is an elongated version of myself. She is strong, firm and grounded in body, mind and spirit. She will accompany me, as I walk and swim to my best self.

We are what we consume. If we take in negative food or negative emotions—then our body will reflect it.

That is as basic as I can get.

I swam last night…I swam to this yearning to be more. 

Day One.

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