Friday, October 9, 2015

Being Honest

Original art, created especially
for this blog by
Judith Parsons 2015

First off I want to apologize to my Love. I was drunk and said some horrible things. You are right to be angry, and even more right to end our relationship because of it.  

We all know the analogy of hurtful words being similar to a nail hammered into wood. One can remove the nail, and the hole is still there. I slammed a rail road spike and left a huge hole. She may not want to be my love, after all I said.

I can never take back the words. For that, I am truly sorry.

However, that has made me really evaluate my drinking and it is a problem. I have to be honest and come out into the light and say—I do not want to be an addict. Even if it is only to wine…

Alcohol has consistently been negatively impacting my life. It is time to own it. It is time to change my behavior.

I want to be, need to be healthier. 

It is time—once and for all- to conquer my self.

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  1. you are an inspiration. love how you stand on those 2 feet and meet IT (whatever IT is) face to face. you've got this. shine the truth light on it and take away the shame and dread. hugging you