Saturday, October 31, 2015

Love Passion

Art created by Judith Parsons 2015
It disturbs the eye...the colors are hard to look at.
There are people you meet that have passion exuding from them. 

You know it when you see it. These people stand a full head taller than the others. It is as if they are walking upon a busy city sidewalk and they are a head taller than everybody else.

There is a woman that is passionate about healing. She used to do it all the time, it was a part of her, it was something she shined and radiated. SHE was what she did. I loved it when she did it, she came alive and carried the energy of her ability like glowing light that tasted magnificent to drink in.

There is a man that is passionate about art and creating things. He is compelled to create, when he creates his sculptures he becomes a young man again. The transformation is astounding to behold, He dons his welding helmet an older man and then when he lifts the mask he is a young man, bright eyed and grinning. I want to kiss him when he grins at me with his little eager boys eyes.

There is a man who loves gardening. He is thrilled with the all the stages of gardening. The preparation of the soil, the choosing the seeds and ordering, the planting of seeds in small containers, the transplanting into the ground and the harvesting. When this man would bring in his eggplants we would all gawk with mouths open at the perfection of the plant. There was nothing better than eating eggplant parmesan made with those fresh incredible eggplants. Oh how I miss fresh food straight from the garden!! THIS was healthy living!

There is a woman who loves people who are passionate about life. She finds them, she loves discovering what makes them tick, she loves hearing their stories of their passionate quests. She loves listening over a hot cup of java their discoveries. They all did their PASSION. They came alive when they healed, created art, planted seeds and discovered themselves.

It is in the DOING what you love that you rise heads above the others. You float a foot off the ground, you levitate with radiating light. YOU know there is that one thing that YOU do, there is that ONE thing above all other things that make YOU FEEL ALIVE.

Find it, go back to it, Do it..and keep doing it —Be the passion that you are. Do not let anyone or anything get between you and what you are.

healer, artist, master gardener or writer…. You know I am looking through you…You want to run your hands over the heart, around the fresh picked tomato, and the polished smooth metal…

Love is a verb—DO IT!

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  1. Good blog...see the message loud and clear...working on it !