Saturday, October 3, 2015

Curvy points...or not.

Original art...Created by Judith Parsons
Sculpture becomes photoshop art.

I am creating a sculpture that uses sacred geometry elements to define me.

Fay told me ages ago; "Just create you...what ever that is. Capture it."

Then last year, I took a class that took me back to art history and connected me to my architectural roots.

I tried to do architectural rendering...Fay taught me alot!! (waving and smiling)

I always wanted to be an architect. (sighing) I am not so sure why I didn't chase after that dream.

I shall ponder that.

There are a million things I want to create..and I will keep dreaming of cool art.
Sorry this doesn't have a point. I have been working with clay for 8 hours and I am too tired to make sense. I will pour a class of wine and listen to KQED--Garrison is on at 6pm.

Laughing--I used to say it ages ago--and here it is again. There are no points, just curvy ramblings.


Keep creating...Love you all...

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  1. I spend a lot of time on enjoyment of process rather than on outcome. This changes from time to time and sometimes I create from the basement. Let me explain. I took a writing class early in college and the teacher was a poet of some renown. When he was in his early 20s he was in a motorcycle crash that basically severely damaged his neck such that he was considered to be without a head even though he still had his head. This injury allowed him to walk but in his 50s he was in a lot of trouble. When standing he risked his neck breaking so he taught class by laying on the floor with the class circling him. From there he told us about the basement. It is where the human spirit descends into through their suffering process. He told us to write from the basement, from our personal sorrows and from there our good works would come. It took me more than a decade to even find the entrance to my personal basement, and longer still to summon forth those demons into the light. There is a certain loss of innocence that occurs in the exact same moment that the spirit is rid of the contracted pain. I can't explain it beyond that. No one can live in the basement. But sometimes we must go there. In the rest of the time we tell ourselves there is no basement and we skim the surface of light and joy. Both of these states are important to the artist. Both must be embraced and allowed to exist absent of the other a sort of self-inflicted denial. Each state is a recovery from the other. Judy's normal state is the light, wings, air, flight. But if you look at the edges you will invariably see the demons peeking just there and there.