Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 18 Back in time

When we close one door, another door opens...

I have been looking for a friend that I worked with back in the 90's. Every so often Mark, (waving) would enter my mind.

He is the kind of guy that moves with the speed of light. When I first met him, I felt I had met my soul partner...because this man thought just as fast as I did. This man could dream up ideas and together we would create art and marketing plans that would knock your socks off.

Today, we FINALLY found one another again. I am grinning from ear-to-ear knowing that this cool winged man is back into my life.

He was a silver tongued sly slippery man back then and I was naive. We both have changed tremendously!

I will sip my coffee and think about the ventures that are about to take off. Mark knows a zillion people. And I will weight the ideas, laugh at them...and we will hammer them out on paper. We both have our voices, we both know the whole "need not justify ourselves" to anyone. IN fact, I was amazed when Mark said it. Wow.

I created the graphic because I am going back to find someone that I have unfinished business with.

This dude can soar!!

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  1. Glad you found an old friend and that you are excited for the future. :) cool graphic.