Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 9 - Woman with steps cut into her soul

One piece of art- rotated using photoshop.
Sculpture and graphic created by Judith Parsons Art 2015
Facebook does this thing now, where they show you what you posted in the past 3 or 4 years. It is interesting to look at ones words. It truly is amazing that Facebook is doing this —THIS is revolutionary, in that we get to see a portfolio of ourselves, like never before.

Only when we look back and evaluate ourselves can we see the changes and transformations. Did we change? Were we stuck in the same place, collecting algae, were we stagnate?

Or were we content? It is okay to stay in a place. No one need justify where they are, who they are what place they are at.

For each of us, it is a personal quest. 

I looked back upon words which were about balance. I am going to stand up straight and tall and say proudly, “I was soon unbalanced.” I did not know it. Until I came through the massive wave of shame, did I decide, I had to change.

It took 55 years for me to realize this. (gulp) NOW, that is a huge change.

I awaken with a clear head, I awaken with ART whispering and wanting my attention, I awaken with an excitement that my children had when they were very little. It does come back to you…the enthusiasm and expectations of miracles! Wooooohoooooooooo!!!

The sculpture you see is one of mine…a woman that has little squares cut into her shape. THIS is a fabulous representation of me. As I love the stairs and steps…they will not leave  me. She is vibrant in her splashing colors, Polluck in its mess, and she is one who is finding herself.

I have been in San Francisco 2 years now- working on that MFA in sculpture! I know the bus stops to get groceries, to do laundry, and the library. I live an isolated life, except now I teach swimming again. I am with 33 children on Saturdays, teaching them swimming. NOW, I am back in my element…Balance has found me.

Swirling and spinning like a dervish…Life is amazing!! 

Love you all!

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