Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 2- Conquering self

Original one of a kind art--by one-of-a-kind artist.
Judith Parsons 2015
Yesterday was my first day back in the pool for 5 hours straight. It has been a long while since I have swam so long. If you are a mermaid/merman pool person than you know how your big toe wears down. The skin of the big toe is worn off from the rough texture of the pool.

It is a memory I laughed at, as I pulled my sheet up over my feet, the skin is actually layers and catches the sheet. Wow! That sensation connected me to my old self…and I laughed.

The children, oh the lovely incredible children! My heart is healed a million times over as I swim and teach those little shy and scared ones about the magnificence of water. The boys all relate to the water being like space, a non gravitational space to float and swirl. 

I teach them how to hold upon the wall and float with their ears in the water…ALL of them start trying this new trick, all of them are amazed that their little lungs are their own personal floatation devices.
Some need a wee bit more convincing. So I ask them to reach down to pick up a toy off the pool floor…and of course their lungs prevent them from going down.

Sooooo all in all it was a fabulous time in the pool with 9 groups of wee ones! IT was heaven upon earth!

I am living within the constraints of “No additives!” Nope…just healthy eating and living. I am traveling a new path, walking, swimming and soaring in my minds eye beside you all. My friends and family. I am telling you all, to help hold me accountable. 

Last night I drew this graphic it took many hours. Normally, I would fall asleep after a few classes of wine. I need to say this. I am not ashamed of my past, I have learned from it. It isn't something that needs to be whispered or hid in a closet. It just didn't work for me anymore. Plain and simple. I am not justifying who or what I am...I am rambling on about my over indulgence.

The quest to conquer oneself, it is like putting a bridle and saddle upon a wild mustang. I have been roaming and running with the storms for all of my life. It is time to rein myself in. It is time to settle and focus. It is time to be aware.

There is a really cool Noble dude out there, he told me to focus…He was absolutely right. Stop with all the foggy hiding devices and focus Jude…(Hugging you tight man- God knows I miss the hell out of you!

Love you all…Soaring…Unfurling my wings and fins…and running powerful toward my goal.

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