Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 3 The Dragon Egg

The seed, the vesicle piscis, the shape of the vagina, the womb, the place of birth. We all want to grow, to become more, to not stagnate. Moving, growing and flowing. It is a place that causes strife and stress when the seed is erupting and tearing its outer skin off in order to break free from itself.

The graphic image is created from a drawing and then I added color using photoshop. The ever present stairs haunt me. I am determined to climb the stairway to heaven, I am continually pushing upward. 

Truth be told I want the rest of you folks to climb beside me. 

You see, this journey is happening because my best girlfriend got cancer. (Waving) She didn’t know how she would awaken the sleeping dragon. She didn’t know that I was raise my head and say: “What the hell? You mean we might only have today—just today to life?”

The rawest truth is simple- death shows us—we got one damn life to live. Only one…and you better wake to hell up and do it full FORCE. Rip the fog from your eyes, take the druggy illusions away and face your life full on!!

So …thank you Ina for shaking up my world. I needed that wake up slap…You want to see full force living…You ain’t seen nothin yet.

(hugging you tight Ina) God knows I love you Darlin! Soaring beside you!.

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