Thursday, October 29, 2015

Harvesting the soul

Art created by Judith Parsons 2015

The theme for today is harvesting the soul. There is a getting through to the other side of a memorable event that feels like I have been on the bottom of the ocean floor, have decided to swim back toward the surface and the surface is 100 miles away. There is much swimming and decompression that needs to happen in order to get back to the surface.

I am learning to like myself with no additives. You probably are rolling your eyes and saying- get on with it. However, it is something the alcoholic has to look at every day. And for me- talking outloud about it—making these feathery thoughts concrete words, help me turn those words into stones upon which I can stand on. Rebuilding my foundation of self.

I wrote about tasting yourself. Try and get objective about who and what you are. Are you sweet, savory or bitter. That idea had stayed with me. And as a "foody" who loves to cook and create in the kitchen I love that idea. 

I am working hard at becoming the Master artist I have always wanted to be. I am excited about the future work that is being made. I want to make a million things. I even awakened thinking about getting leather to craft my own shoes...I must be loosing it! (grinning)

But for now, I must head into school and play in the mud…and continue making many versions of the same art, until I get it completely right. 

I will post photos soon.

The harvest is an image found on google images. I can not credit it - I took the cornucopia and transformed it into an abstract bird. There is a swirling energy behind her. The bird has wave fluid movement upon her…she is learning to fly through the waves of water, letting the water wash away the old. 

I am excited about finding an old friend! (waving) I am not sure how and when we will connect…I trust in that white light- that lets me heal. We all are transforming and becoming better, stronger and more centered in loving ourselves.

Keep smiling, singing and soaring,

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  1. LOve the image J...So cute that you want to make leather shoes, i can't wait to see them! I am glad you are liking yourself...and with baby will come to love yourself. Proud of you, hugs :)