Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 8 Breath of compassion-Mary

Original art created by Judith Parsons

I took part of a sculpture, duplicated it and rotated it around to create todays graphic. It is my version of the breath of compassion.

This week has been deeply saddening. A friend from college passed. I am stunned beyond words. When I think of her, I see radiant light and pure compassion. She was ALWAYS smiling. 

Oh Dear, the word “was”. (Gulping) It has not settled, in my heart she is always present. She was the kind of light that you expect to out grow all of us.

I will walk to the heaven in my mind, to the place where all great lights transform and move on to a realm that is reflection. The reflection of the sun upon the water, she is in that realm with my family. When the sun is high noon and there are diamonds upon the water - she will be there. When the sun is kissing the horizon and the water is gold shimmering light- she will be there.


Mary-- you are so loved. We will catch up to you before long. The turtle moves like lightning to the tree. Lightning moves in the blink of an eye to us. Perhaps heavens time is just a blink.
It is all an illusion.

We are all more connected than we know.

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